3 Simple Rules to Learning Music


1. The most important thing is to R-E-L-A-X. This is achieved by playing at a slower and more supportive tempo. Most problems in lessons come from students wanting to go two to three times too fast. In music slower is actually faster, especially when you don't want to make mega mistakes that will need cleaning up. Other suggestions are use the sustain pedal with keyboard, or longer notes for guitar, and moving your body to the music, especially your arms and wrists helps to relax your playing. When you find yourself making mistakes, it's a flag telling you to slow down your tempo. Slow down your tempo, and expand the realm of possibilities.

Non-Guilt Practicing

2. As far as practicing, students are asked to practice without guilt. A student will have 15 minutes to practice one week, 45 minutes to practice another week, and 1 hour to practice a week after that. If you want to go forward with music, you have to accept what you are willing to put in timewise, period. In other words getting to the longer practice times means doing smaller practice times first. 10 to 20 minutes can lead to an hour, if you do it without guilt. 0 to 60 minutes with mega guilt will discourage anyone from trying to achieve a goal. Just let it be natural and your desire and dedication will increase your practice time naturally.

Warm Up!!!

3. The best warm up is when you pick a pence of music that is familiar, that you have played before, and that is extremely easy for you. Trying a new, more difficult pence is not the way to go. It is not bad to play an extremely easy pence because it sets the environment for mental and physical patterns of success. Remember, your mind and body need to get moving in a positive direction to achieve your musical goals. Three examples are an athlete that does slow stretching exercises before running a race, a ballet dancer who warms up also with slow stretching exercises and aerobics, and an actress that has to vocally warm up for one hour prior to reading or acting in a play.





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