DSM Producers: Commissions for DSM Producers include Music shorts, a Multimedia, film and a Halloween play called "Jimmy and the Witch", in which Karta wrote the text, music and performed all the voices of the play.

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TimeWarner: As part of the Horizons company a commission was created for a Broadway style play for children's voices ages 4-8 called, "Save the Earth" which included original text and music and was produced for channel 13.


Album Portfolio: Karta's updated catalogue now includes "Snow Dreaming", "Soundings of the Spheres", "Kartunes Ala Karta", "Electromagnetica", "Opera Entrance", "Well Tempered Sequencer", "Radiostargalactica" and "60 Minutes".

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HBO: For HBO, Karta worked with Andrea Servico on several 15 and 30 second Rock/Pop spots and also Angela Niffs Multimedia computer presentations.

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Stouffers Foods: These commercials needed a common melodic theme and an ending tag that were to emphasize the various cuisines being promoted, namely Mexican 30 second and 15 second spots and the Italian 30 second and 15 second spots as well.


DALI Museum: In 1983 the DALI Museum commissioned Karta to write "Pictures at an Exhibition" for Acoustic instruments and voices. These programmatic pieces were to go with several of Dali's paintings in the museum and played at 5 concerts in the St. Petersburg, Fla. area.


NPR SoundSource Programs: These innovative programs combined dance with Acoustic and Electronic instruments which were presented at several Live Radio programs in the Florida Bay area and also with the Susan Taylor Dance Company.

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Recently completed albums: ("Opera Entrance" and "Well Tempered Sequencer") at Infinite Sound Studio. Both projects were engineered and produced by J. Arif Verner.

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