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The Receivings from the Experience and the Challenges

Yuri Hoshino

My lessons were interrupted a second time, because we had to move again; this time we moved to America. I was very upset, and told my parents every day that I didn't want to go. When we came to America, I was amazed, shocked and excited by everything, and I didn't have time to think about taking piano lessons. Although I still played the piano, I was more interested and curious about all the things I had never seen before; so music was not so important for me in the first year of my life in America.

The next year, I started violin lessons, and my mother found a good piano teacher for me named Karta Iglesias. Mr. Iglesias was a very interesting, free-styled composer, and when I had my first lesson, I hated it. I had never had such a serious and meaningful lesson before, and I was tired. I thought I would not survive the next lesson! He wasn't scary or short-tempered; he was always smiling. He never acted upset, and was pleased when I played well. I didn't hate him because he was mean, but because the contrast with my last teacher was a shock. I worked hard for the entire hour. No breaks for snacks, and no stickers. He told me to put feeling, love, and much effort into my playing.

"Always move along with the notes, dance on the tempo, and sing out the melody." It was exhausting and I didn't think I was making progress.

His style was to try many different pieces and many styles of music - not only classical. I learned jazz, Disney songs, ragtime, modern music, and Mr. Iglesias' own compositions. I loved all the pieces that he picked out for me. I remember especially my first Bach Preludes, "The Entertainer," by Scott Joplin, and "Fur Elise" by Beethoven. My favorite piece was "Sympathy" for piano and clarinet, which Mr. Iglesias had composed himself when he was young. I remember my father practiced the clarinet part and played with me. It is one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever heard in my life, and it is still my favorite. He gave me more of his compositions, though unfortunately we didn't have time to work on them.

One day--I don't remember when--I realized how much I had improved, and how well I was playing compared to the beginning. Although Mr. Iglesias was very demanding, he was also respectful, and treated me as an artist in own right. Then we had to move again! The news that I had to change teachers shocked me heavily. At last I realized how much I loved and enjoyed working with Mr. Iglesias. My parents were very proud and were  thankful to him, and they were feeling very guilty that I had to find a new teacher again when we moved. He taught me to love the music by working hard--to play with heart. He changed my style of playing, and gave me a new impression not just of piano, but of all music.

Mary Kaplan
S1 Round Lake Road
Valatie, New York 12184

RE: Letter of Recommendation
Karta Iglesias

I am delighted to have the opportunity to offer my strongest recommendation for Karta as a piano and music teacher. In Ithaca, I have experienced Karta as a piano teacher for myself, a piano and music teacher for my three young daughters, and --in the case of my youngest daughter--- a piano teacher at her school.

I decided to take piano lessons following a 35 year hiatus. Largely, the impetus for my starting anew was watching Karta's work with the children. He has an uncanny ability to inspire them, and to excite them with the delight of making and listening to music. His inspiration was contagious, and I have tremendously benefitted from the re-introduction of music to my life. I mostly attribute this to Karta's encouragement and highly developed and flexible teaching style.

Karta is extraordinary in his ability to respond to the children’s needs (and moods.) When the girls have their lessons, he talks and listens to each of them and immediately develops a strategy for the day. With one of my daughters, Karta has come to alternate her piano lessons with singing lessons, depending on her interests at the moment. I appreciate his ability to use voice and other instruments in his lessons, and, on a more intellectual basis, his long and extremely relevant conversations with me about a wide range of historical and mathematical matters related to music.

Karta has a prominent place in my list of the persons and things I will miss as I leave Ithaca

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to recommend Karta Iglesias as a piano instructor and as a sales person, capable of special promotions and outside exposure, for any company needing a dedicated and energetic employee.

Over the past years, Mr. Iglesias has shown himself to be on time and conscientious with the many different needs our store has presented to him. His sense for facilitating store sales through his music students has greatly increased our sales of pianos, keyboards, guitars and written music.

It is because of his reliable attitude that I recommend him for any future employment as a music teacher or sales person. Please call or write me at the address about if any further assistance is needed.

Thank you.

Peter Haar

Manager/McNeill Music

To Whom It May Concern:

Karta Iglesias has been giving piano lessons to my children, Scott, age eleven, and Sarah, age nine. Both children have made steady progress under Karta's weekly instruction.

Both Scott and Sarah have periods when they are very eager to attend piano lessons and other times when they don't want anything to do with it. I have admired Karta's ability to adjust to the child's current mood, continue on with the lesson, and acquire the desired result. Karta teaches in a very relaxed and non threatening manner, and the children seem to be very comfortable with him.

All of us are very sorry to see Karta leave the area and would highly recommend him as a music teacher to children.


Veronica M, Conley

Ithaca, New York

Marvin Tien
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14850

To Whom It May Concern:

I have just completed six weeks of piano tutorial from Karta Iglesias in Ithaca, New York. As a Cornell University student, I found it necessary to pursue a musical teacher not only with fine musical talents but also with the intangibles of making learning enjoyable, exciting, personal, and a cathartic experience. Karta Iglesias embodies all those demands and carries them out beyond their natural scope. I began my lessons as a true music, not only piano, beginner.

Through the duration of time I spent with Karta, I was able to not only learn basic music notes, keys, and tables, but I was able to take my playing onto a higher level, which, I believe, was only achievable through Mr. Iglesias' ingenuity and dedication. Karta's method of teaching focuses on the rarely taught but crucial and omnipotent aspects of feeling, emotion, and presence. Karta's drive for perfection is incentive enough to encourage myself to seek the highest quality in my playing. Karta's teaching, however, will not be a proper marriage for everyone. Individuals who need rote memorization and who seek to play in an industrial like manner will not benefit from Karta's abilities. Those who must play note for note and who do not enjoy improvisation will not be able to take full advantage of Karta Iglesias' skills. Those, however, who enjoy playing and who would like to place their own signature on their playing will learn a great deal from him.

Individuals from all levels will be able to appreciate Karta's broad-based abilities. He will be able to give the beginner the proper framework from the start to become a better pianist. He will equally be able to accommodate the more advanced player with his innate abilities to feel music and help his students gain the same type of natural emotions, which are so vital in playing well. If there are any questions as to whether or not Karta is the appropriate instructor for your needs, you may contact me at (607) 277-5948. As an unbiased Cornell graduate I urge you to consider Karta Iglesias' for your musical demands. .


Marvin Tien

Karta lglesias

It seems to me that to most really great musicians, music is fun, it's joyful. But most music teachers seem to take it upon themselves to remove all the fun from it. Not so Karta. He manages to make it serious while still keeping it fun. That's a rare skill for any teacher, in any subject. It's what lets him relate so well to kids, but I can testify that it does wonders for adults too (at least this adult).

My experience with Karta started with my children, ages 8 and 11, who have taken lessons from him for about 8 months. Being there with them during their lessons, I started learning in spite of myself, so I began to take lessons on my own a month later. From my perspective, all of us have made amazing progress in that short time, without pressure or pain, enjoying it all the way.

The kids add: he's happy, he's nice, he doesn't act too serious, and he really understands what they're doing and what they need to know.

One of Karta's incredible gifts is knowing just how, and what to teach next. He can talk a blue streak, and give an endlessly entertaining performance as a teacher, but he's always paying great attention to you. He knows exactly what you're getting and what you're missing, and he's endlessly adaptable and creative in tailoring the lesson perfectly to the student. When I teach, I'm happy if I can muster enough creativity to find one good way to present an idea. Karta has enough love of teaching and music (and enough skill, of course) that he'll come up with a new way to look at it on demand.

This all makes it sound as if he has no method, which is not right. He has a method, or a plan, it's like the theme or motif, and he can spin variations on it as needed. My version of the method is that he teaches people to play beautifully before he teaches the technical intricacies, so that you carry that with you as you go, and that beauty carries you forward as you learn the technical stuff. He gets your body moving so the learning doesn't just come from the intellect. And he gets rid of the fear, which always makes us learn faster. I'm sure there's a lot more to it, but that's what I've really comprehended so far.

I can't recommend Karta highly enough. He's a uniquely talented teacher. Although I'm moving to Vermont, I'm planning to make regular pilgrimages back to Ithaca for more lessons. Enough, I hope, to keep alive this feeling that music is an adventure.

David Pearson

Shadowbrook Farm

Bennington, VT 05201


Achim Brehme
Industriestrasse 19
85609 Aschheim
Tel.: 011-49-89-904 63 71

To whom it may concern,

On my vacation in San Francisco I decided to take piano lessons. An ad in the Guardian brought me to Karta Iglesias. Till this moment I had only one year of experience in playing piano by teaching myself.

Karta Iglesias taught me four days a week in almost three months. In this time I made really big steps in sightreading, understanding pieces and how to use my fingers in the right form. He changed my thinking about music and playing the piano in a very positive direction.

I was always glad to visit him for a lesson, because he taught me with humor and a cup of good tea.

I can seriously recommend him for great and relaxed piano-lessons that bring you forward in playing technique. You just have to practice everyday.

In this time, by the way, we became good friends and I'm sure I'll miss him in Germany and his lessons.

Achim Brehme

Eric Schaal
6526 Windsor Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19142
To whom it may concern,

I met Karta Iglesias at a confusing point in my progress with the piano and music in general. The tunes that I had always played felt awkward and forced. While I had never been completely devoted to the instrument, I had taken lessons for years; the piano was a significant part of my life. But when I started lessons with Karta, my music, to quote jazz musicians, did not swing. At all. Then, could I be satisfied with my sight-reading of music? Unfortunately, I had forever been able to play no more than small fragments at sight.

In less than six months of lessons with Karta, I'm an entirely different player, and the first to admit it. Under Karta's guidance (although he'd never claim more than assistance), my music has become infused with feeling. As I now play, I can actually bring new meaning to songs, and I always approach the instrument with the utmost respect. Karta has revealed to me why I should. As for my sight-reading, I can presently read and play complicated pieces on the spot. Though not up to speed, I can grasp the moods and ideas of the composer the first time through a song. The best way to explain it is that Karta has gotten my music to truly move. Whether it be gliding through an old favorite or confronting a composition for the first time, it all moves.

Karta is a rare teacher, one that will not be yelling during lessons or inflicting any type of stress. My lessons, in fact, are among the most enjoyable times of my week. Still, his best quality is that he will not be the one for whom your playing improves. That person will be yourself. By the time you realize the change, the approach that is infinitely better, he'll have you convinced that it's all your own doing. The feeling is true empowerment. This confidence will then take your music wherever you like.

Good luck,

Eric Schaal

Recommendation for Karta Iglesias

Karta is a wonderful music. He creates a friendly and fun atmosphere children, so they feel that music lessons are a challenging game rather than a burden. From the moment one walks into his studio there is a soothing atmosphere as Karta uses music CDs to maintain an ambiance that is relaxing. Both of my children (2 and 5 years old) learned basic rhythms and notes very quickly. My 5-year-old in particular rapidly learned melodies and within a few months could do simple sight-reading. An adult can learn quickly with Karta as well. He has a broad range of musical interests.

Talking about music was a much a part of the learning process as sitting down with the piano or guitar. Sometimes we'd get onto a theme and he would lend me CDs from his extensive collection so that I could listen to and study them before my next class. By working with recordings addressing specific issues that we'd talked about I was able to really think through some of the basic structures of the music that I was learning. All in all, Karta is a great all around music teacher and I highly recommend him to both children and adults.

Christopher London 119 Farm St. Ithaca, N.Y., 14850

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Subject: Re: Hi this is Karta

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 19:56:29 EST From:         

To: kartamus@lightlink.com

Hi! How are you? I am okay. I am a completely different person then I was before I left. I I things that could be better. I really miss piano lessons, and I miss talking to you. My favor I miss her already and she just left yesterday.

I hope things are going well in your life. 

 Lisa C. Wood

204 Culver Road • Ithaca, NY 14850

272-2890 January 2001

I welcome this opportunity to recommend Karta Iglesias for piano instruction. Karta's open-minded, non-traditional teaching approach has provided my eight-year-old daughter with skills, enthusiasm, and practice ethics that are the very basis of good musicianship.

In the year and a half she has studied with Karta, my daughter has learned, in addition to the fundamentals of basic notation and rhythm, sight-reading, complicated concepts of music theory, and musical expression-things that I regret were lacking in my own highly traditional music training. Karta's unique but exceptionally effective method of integrating these and other aspects of music instruction are his trademark and his strength.

My daughter's musical accomplishment is characterized by a broadness of knowledge and an excellent attitude toward learning that are not typically mastered in the early years of music instruction. Each lesson with Karta is an open-minded, positive extension of the week's practicing-a time for playing and learning with him rather than performing for him. The result has generated in my daughter a sense of self-confidence, enthusiasm, and technical ability that years of traditional training may never provide.

Finally, any teacher who truly enjoys teaching is invaluable. Karta thoroughly enjoys teaching, genuinely cares for his students, and makes a part of every lesson fun. This, in my estimation, is central to his effectiveness when combined with the high quality of his music instruction.

 To Prospective Music Student,

I would like to encourage you to study music with Karta Iglesias. From my experiences, I found Karta to be an exceptional teacher, both with his style of teaching, and with his philosophy of what to teach. When you go to a lesson, it is not 'his' lesson-plan that you have to cover, rather it's 'your' lesson-plan. Karta has an excellent ability to adapt lessons based on your reactions, moods, and interests.

The best way to put it is that Karta taught me to play music, not just how to play the guitar. I learned this as early as my first lesson. The first thing I learned was notes on the third string (g and a). I played through the practice song pretty good for my first time, though not perfect. Expecting to hear "good. Again", over and over until I got better, instead Karta told me it was good, but I should play it with more feeling, and emotion. I should vary the tempo, get louder and softer. Here I was, my first lesson, I could barely play 2 notes, but already Karta was showing me that I could still make music on a simple 8 measure practice song. Lessons like that not only made me a better player, but made learning to play much more enjoyable. How boring it would have been to just sit there and echo what was the paper.

After only a month of lessons, I was already playing along with cds, and records. Tom Petty was my first choice. I couldn't play exactly what they were playing, but that was ok. I was playing my own thing, along with the record. I was learning how musicians arranged and wrote songs. I was learning how to play songs I, liked, but by playing with the record, and listening to the music I wasn't just learning to mimic chord shapes for this song, but instead how to play with any song.

The lessons were always full of creativity, and always interesting. Karta wanted me to try something harder, even If I didn't think I was good enough yet. By doing this I was always kept motivated and interested, and progressed faster. After just a couple months, I was writing my own songs. I don't think I would have been doing that even after 2 years with another teacher.

I think I have made incredible progress over the last year, and I give credit to my teacher for much of it. Maybe even more importantly is that I have had a great time in making that progress. Even though I will be graduating college in May, Karta is the most irreplaceable teacher I have had in Ithaca.

Andrew Mehler

May 14, 2002

To whom it may concern,

I am a student at Cornell University who has taken weekly guitar lessons for $30 an hour from Karta Iglesias from September 2001 to May 11, 2002. In addition to normal musical instruction in guitar, we often use other equipment in the lessons. This includes a DVD player, to watch programs demonstrating techniques of various guitarists, many CDs to illustrate different musical styles and to aid in playing by ear, and digital musical equipment, like digital keyboards.

Christopher Morris

12372 Avenida Consentido San Diego, CA 92128 (858) 487-2126

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Joshua Israel wrote:

Karta, I very much doubt you remember me... but my name is Josh Israel and I stumbled across your website this evening. Many moons ago, I was a DeWitt Middle School 6th grader and after three or four music teachers quit/were fired you became my music teacher. I was the one guy in the 6th grade choir -- you might recall we sang "Peggy Sue" 'ill there Was You" "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Yellow Submarine" at the chorus concert... I, having a significantly lower voice than the girls in the group had the solo line "Well I love you girl, and I want you Peggy Sue" at the end of that song. I really enjoyed hearing the stuff on your website and am thrilled to see that you are still teaching. I remember really enjoying your class and being in your chorus--even as the token male


All the best,

Josh Israel

Arlington, VA

December 19, 2003

Dear Parents,

I am a 9-year-old 4th grader who is also a student of Karta's. There are some things I'd like to tell you about taking music lessons with Karta.

Your child is about to step into a brand new world. And it is very similar to when you're child first arrived. He or she probably didn't probably didn't walk or talk in the first week, month or perhaps even a year. Learning music is a lot like that. Your child is probably not going to play piano like Mozart or sing like Judy Collins in the first year. Maybe not even the second. The trick is not to push it.

Some of you may remember your own piano teachers. Practice, practice, practice. Maybe at one point you couldn't take it anymore and you quit. The trick is not to be like that piano teacher. Chances are your kid is not going to like to be pushed, prodded and told to practice every day. No kid does.

I love taking lessons with Karta and I look forward to it every week. Partially because I have really grown to like playing piano, and because my parents have let things happen as they happen and haven't pushed it. Maybe pushing will help with your kid, but it could also end it all. I don't recommend finding out.

I hope you will consider bringing your child to learn music with Karta. I love it, and I bet your child will, too.

Yours truly,

Mariel Farhi

Dictated by Mariel to her Mom, Vivian.

 To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend Karta Iglesias as a Music Teacher for Kids, Teenagers and Adults. For the past 3 years I have had him as a Piano Teacher and have learned to play with great facility and ease.

Karta's methods are on the Progressive and Creative side. Basically he'll do just about anything to help a student feel comfortable and relaxed. Noteworthy is the time I noticed that he had different soundtracks of Ocean surf, Rain and Mood Music being played extremely quietly to help me and others relax so they can excel faster.

Also his library of Records ,Dvd's, Books, and CD's have been a huge plus in keeping me interested in playing throughout the years. My favorite example is when we played John Lee Hooker blues songs from a CD called "Hooker and heat".

Throughout the years i have studied different styles including Pop, Classical and Jazz.

Karta is most interested in keeping a student involved in music even after they have finished lessons with him.

By using CD's and Records, a student connects their world with the music learning world for many future years to come. Karta has accepted me and my busy schedule, and been flexible with his to Enable my lesson's to continue. For this, I am very grateful. Please call me for any further information

Best Regards,

Joe Lalley

Cornell University

I would like to recommend Karta Iglesias as a Music Teacher for Guitar, Piano and Singing.

For the past 5 years Karta has instructed me in learning Guitar and most recently Piano through note reading and by ear. During our lessons, Cd's, records and VCR tapes were used as learning tools, along with his vast library of music books and LP's .We studied and played rock music from the 60s, jazz from the 50's, blues from the 20s and classical music from various eras. Additionally, we utilized a CD burner to record short samples of music that needed to be learned.

To emphasize reading music we used numerous books that facilitated reading in a quick, no-nonsense fashion. I also gained experience in working with the 24 track Adat studio and MIDI computer program called "Performer" by Marc of the Unicorn.

In conclusion I feel totally comfortable referring people who are looking for a teacher who moves in a Ouick,Fun and Efficient manner.

P.S. I wanted to add that I greatly appreciated the wonderful LP's and Cd's that were lent to inspire me to play different styles of Music


Sofia Keokosky

To whom it may Concern,

I have had Karta Iglesias as my Piano/Guitar/Vocal teacher for 4 years and have learned how to play Substantial pieces of varying styles and difficulities, Karta's Style of Teaching is Quite different from other teachers. Simply put, He Focuses on the Individual and their needs.

If I am not feeling up "Energy-Wise" he offers a cup of tea and we are "off and at them".

Music Theory was never this easy before!

Piano Reading made simple and easy with minimal Practicing!! (I like that a lot).

My Guitar has been wonderful also because I Learn what I want to learn and bring in my own cd's so I will be motivated not only in the lesson but at home as well.

I have also Learned to sing the music I was most interested in; Pop,Blues,Rock,Folks,the Doors,Avril Lavigne,and original songs also.

If you are searching for a Teacher who will help you achieve your Best work in Music playing and Expression please do not hesitate to call me for reference.

Thanx for Listening, Chiquita Laura

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